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Strategic Decision Facilitator



Results directs you toward concrete actions

We are the interface between you and your consumers / clients and stakeholders to direct your decisions and to raise your challenges.

As a full-service marketing research agency, Results, recommends concrete and actionable actions that help you make the difference with your competitors.

Results operates in Belgium and the neighbouring countries (UK, The Netherlands, France, Germany).

Results understands the consumer / shopper experience and also the logic of the professionals in various sectors.

Using the permanently evolving yet proven methodologies, Results makes your survey a unique success.

Therefore we need to:


the most efficient combination of methodologies and gather the insights about your brands, products and services through a rigorous fieldwork

Analyse and enrich

Analyse and enrich these insights with our experience and knowledge of the market trends


concrete and actionable results.


Evolving yet proven methodologies

Survey types

  • Online Communities and blogs
  • In-depth interviews, duo, trio
  • Focus Groups
  • Concept Labs
  • Shop Interviews
  • Street Quali
  • Quantitative Internet Surveys

In direct catch with
the reality of the consumers

  • Story telling
  • Ethno shopper interviews, videos
  • Consumption diaries
  • Chats, forums and online communities

Accurate models for the analysis of the insights

  • Brand proximity
  • Brand identity
  • Brand stretching
  • Moments of truth analysis

Results offers reliable methodologies for custom-tailored market surveys which meet your needs and those of your brands and products or services.

  • Exploratory study: motivational and behavioural studies, trend follow-up, emergence
  • Strategic survey: brand diagnostic, brand identity, brand stretching
  • Marketing mix pre-test & optimisations: advertising - mailing - website - promotion - pack
  • Product creation and development: concept tests - concept labs - new product test
  • Internal diagnostic: internal communication - organisation - feasibility studies - new procedures and working ways

Target & countries

In touch with large groups and panels of consumers/professionals


  • B2C : adults - seniors - teens and kids
  • B2B : professionals and specialists in various sectors
  • Internal workshops with your employees


  • Belgium
  • France
  • The United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany


The analysts of Results are personally committed to make your project a unique success

Martine Lekeu

After scientific studies I discovered the business of marketing and marketing research. After a first experience in a full service research agency to master the techniques, I made the transition to the advertiser (Redoute France) to be immersed in the reality and the concrete decisions and marketing activities. These allowed me to develop both expertise and passion. I love juggling creativity and rigor, between reflection and action, challenges and solutions. I never get tired of listening to consumers to approach them through their life, their choices, and society. It is this experience and passion that motivated me to start in 1997 with David Gyselynck, Results: a very flexible and dynamic structure to offer our expertise and energy to support our customers in their development.

David Gyselynck

Born in 1956 in Ghent (Belgium). With a Degree in Economics (Ghent University) I started in the field of market research and business consulting. In 1996 I founded with Martine Lekeu Results innovative marketing services. The definition of the business model proved right: partner in the marketing reflections of our clients, we provide quality market research in Belgium and neighbouring countries and ensure marketing consultancy that results from our research. "Integrating our results in our clients' strategies always gives a great feeling"

Sergio Gonzalez

Recently graduated with a master’s degree in Industrial and organizational psychology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, I naturally oriented myself towards the field of market research and have been working for Results since 2014. Market research really is an exciting field. You get to meet people, understand why they make the decisions they make, what they like about a brand or don’t like. With my background in psychology, I try to get past words to get to the root of their feelings.


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